I am BlockMan! My NFTs combine GIFs with original retro game music. Have you heard my ChipTunes?

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"Genesis" Level Schedule

  • Level 0: 2021.04.03
  • Level 1: Upcoming
  • Level 2: Upcoming
  • Level 3: Upcoming
  • Level 4: Upcoming
  • Level 5: Upcoming
  • Level 6: Upcoming
  • Level 7: Upcoming
  • Level 8: Upcoming
  • Level 9: Upcoming
  • Level 10: Upcoming
  • Level 11: Upcoming
  • Level 12: Upcoming
  • Level 13: Upcoming
  • Level 14: Upcoming
  • Level 15: Upcoming
  • Level 16: Upcoming
  • Level 17: Upcoming
  • Level 18: Upcoming
  • Final Level: Upcoming

"Genesis" ETH

Trilogy Release Progress

"Genesis" [1000 NFTs]
Untitled #2 [500 NFTs]
Untitled #3 [300 NFTs]

Frequently Asked Questions

What are ChipTunes?
Wikipedia says it best: "a style of synthesized electronic music made using the programmable sound generator sound chips or synthesizers in vintage arcade machines, computers and video game consoles."

How many NFTs are released per level?
50 BlockMan ChipTunes NFTs make up each level. Minting will occur on Rarible initially, but sales will be available on OpenSea as well.

When are levels minted?
The level minting schedule is announced on both Twitter and this website as it is updated. So, make sure you follow BlockMan ChipTunes on Twitter!

What are in Untitled #2 and #3?
Each release is a theme comprised of a cohesive set of artwork and tunes. Releases #2 and #3 will be revealed during the Genesis release. Stay tuned!

What comes after the BlockMan ChipTunes trilogy is released in full?

Why BlockMan ChipTunes?
Blockman Chiptunes wants to expand what is possible in the NFT space. With music and art combined into a singular experience, this project is committed to evoking new and dynamic interactions with NFTs.

BlockMan ChipTunes is created by an enthusiastic team of artists, musicians, and software engineers. For any inquiries, please send us an email.

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